Quickbooks File Merge

Quickbooks does not have built-in functionality to merge Quickbooks data files together. In fact, it is quite a challenging task because Quickbooks has very strict rules for names i.e. a Customer name in one file cannot be the same as a Vendor name in another file. Perhaps, the biggest issue in merging file is the fact that payroll transactions cannot be merged since the Quickbooks SDK (Software Development Kit) does not allow it.

Having said the above, there are options to merge Quickbooks files by purchasing software that will merge the files. However, it is extremely time-consuming and and tedious process. One wrong step and you will end up with a bigger mess or even corruption of the source data file.

Using a third-party Quickbooks File Merge Service will guarantee that the files will be merged with 100% accuracy and no work on your part. To find out more about a file merge service, click the link below:

Quickbooks File Merge Service
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