How to convert from QBO to QBD (Quickbooks Desktop)

  1. Sign in to your company file.
  2. When the file opens, click Help in the upper right.
  3. In the Type beginning of keyword field, type Convert.
  4. Click Converting data to QuickBooks desktop edition, double-click Converting to QuickBooks desktop edition, and then click Click to show topic.
  5. In the Help Topics window, click the Start the Export Interview link. The QuickBooks Online Export window opens.
  6. Follow the instructions to export either Lists only (customer list, vendor list, employee list) or Lists & Transactions. Click Next.
  7. Use the drop-down arrow to select the version of QuickBooks desktop version you want to convert to and click Next.
  8. Read the special conditions that apply specifically to your data file and check the box for each topic to indicate you understand the information provided. Click Next.
  9. Enter your name and the email address where you want to be notified when your data file is ready.
  10. Within 24 hours you will receive an email from notifying you that your data file is ready.
  11. Sign in to your company file.
  12. On the Home page, under Things to do, click Download Company file created on mm/dd/yyyy.
  13. Select I'm moving my data to QuickBooks Desktop Edition, and I'm cancelling my Online subscription. Click Next.
  14. Be sure your desktop version of QuickBooks is open but no company file is open. Click Convert on the screen that appears on the web site.
  15. In the Create a new company field, enter the file name and location where you would like to save your company file on your computer. Click Save.
  16. If you see a pop-up window that says QuickBooks - Application with no certificate, choose Yes, always and select the box for Allow this application to access personal data.
  17. Click Continue.
  18. Click YES > Done.
  19. When the conversion process is complete, a pop-up window appears in QBOE. Click Finished.
To use a conversion service to do this conversion, please click the link below:
Quickbooks Online to Desktop Conversion Service
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