QBO Target limit is 350,000 for exporting desktop files

Quickbooks Desktop files: The file can only have a max of 350,000 targets that can be imported.

To find the target count in Quickbooks:
  • Open your company file in QuickBooks
  • Press F2 on your keyboard. This will open the Product Information screen
  • On the left hand side under File Information, the fourth line of the left column is the Target size. This cannot exceed 350,000

What are Sources and Targets?

Source of a Quickbooks transaction

The Source of a Quickbooks transaction is the transaction summary information which includes the source account, name, memo, amount, etc. Each field of the source data occurs only once in the transactions.

Targets of a transaction

The Targets of a Quickbooks transaction provides detailed information about the transaction and includes the target accounts, names, memos, amounts, etc. Some characteristics of the Targets are:
  1. Most Quickbooks Transactions have multiple targets
  2. Each element of the target data set can appear multiple times in the transaction.
  3. There are a few transaction types that can have only one target (i.e. Payment, Transfer).
  4. In some transactions, the source data is copied into the target data:
    • In an invoice, the target names are always copied from the source name.
    • In an invoice, the target numbers are always copied from the source number.

Issue Resolution

To reduce target size, you will need to SuperCondense your data file.
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