Missing Name List Problem: Quickbooks Error Code

How to repair the Missing Name List Problem?


  • edited October 2018
    The missing name list error code occurs if a name is missing from the Quickbooks list of names. The most common lists where the name is missing is the customer, vendor, or other names list. This is a Quickbooks internal database error that causes Quickbooks to fail while opening the data file.

    The first thing you should do is to open a sample company file. This will validate that your installation of Quickbooks is error free.

    There are three ways to resolve this issue:

    1. The simplest resolution is to restore a previous backup and re-enter transactions into this file to make it current. This is not always an optimal solution since the backup could be a few days old and the volume of transactions may not make this option feasible.

    2. The next option would be to use the Quickbooks File Doctor to repair the error automatically. In 10-15% of cases, the File doctor can fix this issue.

    3. The last option is to use a data recovery service to repair the error and return back an error free file that opens in Quickbooks with all the data intact.
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