How to Create a Sage 50 backup [US]?

How do I create a Sage 50 backup?

Section I: Performing a backup in the Sage 50 application

  1. Open the company you wish to backup.
  2. Select File, and then click Back Up.
  3. Select Reminder box if you want to be prompted to back up in a specified number of days.
  4. Select Include company name box if you want to incorporate your company name in the backup file.
  5. Select Include archives in the backup, if desired.
  6. Select Include attachments in the backup, if desired.
  7. Select Back Up button to enter or select where you want to save your backup file.

Note: the backup saves to the company data location, unless a different location is selected. If there is not sufficient disk space to save the backup, the process will fail.

  1. Click Save button.
  2. Click OK.
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